• A Travel in New Orleans with Kids

    It is a known fact that traveling is a great way to de-stress from the regular routine of life. Some people travel regularly while others do it occasionally if they have their budget on-hand, as well as if they have time. However, a problem that most parents and families face is the fact that it is quite hard to travel with children. Such is not just because of the flights and other modes of transportations but also because there are places wherein children are not allowed. The good news is that New Orleans is somewhat different. It is a big city where people can enjoy grate culture, food, and music wherein most of their tourist attractions allow children to enter.


    Families who will plan a trip to New Orleans will surely enjoy the idea that the city has a great park wherein families can have a picnic. The City Park is a 1,300 acre land that is surrounded with plenty of healthy and big oak trees that will surely make every person comfortable even if the weather is humid. They can also enjoy walking around the park to see the different structures present. Such include water fountains, lagoons, small lakes, and trails that can be used for biking and jogging. If the children are bored, they can also go to the area of the park wherein the playground is located. They can also rent out boats and gondola rides at a very affordable rate if they want to.


    Families can also enjoy seeing New Orleans plantations without being worried about their children. That is because some companies like The Native New Orleans Tours offer plantation tour packages that have set prices for children and adults. It should be noted that the seven beautiful sugar cane plantations of the city all have historical values. The three most visited and loved plantations by many visitors are the Oak Alley, Evergreen, and Laura plantations. That is because they can also other things apart from just simply walking around the plantations. The three mentioned plantations also have exhibits, souvenir shops, and more.


    Another type of New Orleans tours that can be enjoyed by both children and adults are the swamp tours. The Mancha Swamp is a popular area wherein tours are done. During the tour, guests will enjoy seeing the different species of alligators in the area. They are also wild boars, raccoons, and other animals that will be walking around. The great thing is that some of the wildlife animals can be fed with treats like marshmallows. Families can also book either a daytime or night Mississippi steamboat cruise wherein they will enjoy lots of great food and listen to quality and relaxing jazz music.


    Additionally, there are a lot of places in the French Quarter area that parents and their children can visit. And they will be able to check out museums, hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers that are placed in old buildings that still have the French and Spanish architectural designs.


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